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This is Hooman Nouri aka hoomantv

Hooman Nouri aka HoomanTV

HoomanTv is one of top 10 youtube pranksters out there in one line with VitalyzdTV, TwinzTV and RomanAtwood. His real name is Hooman Nouri and he has been in the prankster scene for not very long. He opened his youtube channel in May 2014 and has been collecting over 47 million views on his channel. He created a lot of different types of videos reaching from „pick up girls pranks“ and „bathroom pranks“ to „social experiments“. Hooman wants to make people laugh but also wants to show the drawbacks of society and life. Very often he performs pranks from user requests such as his viral bathroom pranks. Besides pranks he also does interviews where he asks women „how the perfect guy should be“ or he is just asking weird interview questions to strangers. From time to time Hooman is also performing pranks with his hot sidekick Tori Ross.

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