VitalyzdTV at TOP10 PRANKS


Vitaly aka VitalyzedTv

Vitaly is probably the most famous prankster out there. The young Russian-born Vitaly Zdorovetskiy started his youtube career with his channel VitalyzedTv at the young age of 18 and became very fast very famous. So famous that one of his buddies is the infamous Dan Bilzerian. The VitalyzedTv channel has almost 9 million subscribers and over a billion views.

Vitaly and his “Milf”

After growing up in Murmansk, Russia and Odessa, Ukraine he moved with his family to Florida, US. Now he is living with his mother in LA. She is a typical ukrain goddess and was also pranked by Vitaly several times. The community call her therefore a “milf”. Not a lot of people know that after Vitaly turned 18 he played a role in one episode of the well-known porn label BangBros-BangBus with Diamond Kitty.

Gold Digger Pranks

His pranks range from gold digger pranks, hitman pranks, zombie scare pranks, in the hood pranks to social experiments. You can often see him with fellow pranksters such as Roman Atwood, PrankvsPrank, Yousef Erakat better know as fousyTube and Dennis Roady performing pranks together. In 2012 he was arrested while he was pulling off one of his famous „Russian Hitman“ pranks. In this prank he pretended to place a suitcase with a bomb besides random people and told them they have 60 seconds. One of those persons attacked him after finding out it was a prank and called the police. Besides all the fun part Vitaly also tried to do something good and used his fame to help a homeless to get a job and to raise money to fix his teeth.

Natural Born Pranksters

Right now he is working on his 1st movie called Natural Born Pranksters, which will be out on April 1st 2016. He also draw some major attention to this movie project when he ran on the pitch during the world cup final in Brazil with the movie title painted on his chest.

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